Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing a new rider might want is a motorcycle. Our articles cover motorcycle reviews that should help you make up your mind about what you want for a first motorbike. 

You can always learn if you have the desire and passion for motorbikes. Find a trainer to take you through the stages. It can be a friend or family. However, ensure you get the best training from a licensed school or organization. You will need to apply for a driving/riding license, depending on your jurisdiction.

 New riders would also want to buy a motorcycle. Like a non-rider, you will have to identify the right motorcycle for you after going through our reviews. We recommend you consider a reputable brand. Accordingly, you may want to consider your budget, what you want to do with the motorcycle, and other features. 

Well, you can jump on the bike and ride. However, if you want to travel in a van, you will pack the motorcycle depending on its size. Take everything you need for the trip and have the bike at the back of your van. 

Motorcycles can be very dangerous if you are not well protected. Protect your body, especially your head using a helmet. Other protective gears include a leather motorcycle jacket, riding pants, gloves, boots, rain suit, socks, leather triangle, and balaclava. 

This depends on how long the long break was. However, motorcycle technology changes, and you must try to be safer all the time. Ensure you get better training if you want to ride more advanced motorbikes. You may be fine without it, but would you rather take the chances?