The Humble 2×6

If it could talk, it would tell of a time when it formed a stage for the most popular spectator sport in America

A sport where backyard engineers donned wool sweaters and set off across the boards on a bicycle, with an engine, that went 100 MPH

Board track racers were among the first American superstars, and the bikes they rode were the purest expression of speed, danger, and excitement that the world has ever seen.

Derringer Cycles are an homage to the most exciting period in the history of motorsport worldwide.

The Derringer was created by world-renowned industrial designer
 , whose clients range from celebrities and members of the Royal Family, to design-forward companies such as Sony®, Reebok®, and Hewlett Packard®. Heralded as a genius by Sony®, his extraordinary creations have been featured in publications ranging from Forbes® to Variety®, and on television shows seen around the world.

The athletic image of board track racing motorcycles inspired him. Their clean design provided the vision to keep his product light; less displacement and fuel would be needed for the same superior performance. Their large wheels and wide balloon tires would translate to saftey. Pedals, originally used only to start the engine, could now create a hybrid drive system, allowing the rider to travel either under his own power, or with the assistance of an engine.

Each Derringer is custom built for it’s owner, rather than stocking them, we prefer to consult with a customer first, then build one that reflects their personal taste and style.

From the white tires, manufactured without the use of carbon black, to the hand made leather saddles with hammered copper rivets, each Derringer is a beautifully crafted object d’ art. The finished product is a pure vintage racer, reimagined for a modern world.


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