Hunting on a Motorbike: Tips for Beginners

Hunting can be fun, and even more so on a motorbike. The chances are that you may not want to go back to any other way of hunting once you do it.

Imagine going hunting, prepared to land a kill, only to see it speed off faster than you can catch up or shoot. Do you feel the frustration?

If you ever wondered how you could make hunting on a motorbike more straightforward, worry no more. This article provides the best motorbike hunting tips to make your adventure more successful.

  • Get The Right Attire

Reflector jackets are fun and attractive if you are on your motorbike for any other reasons other than hunting. You may not want to see a deer or any other animal speed off after spotting you from a distance. Consider buying mountain pants and real tree-tops that will help you camouflage. Getting the proper attire will give you a reasonable shooting distance since animals will not notice you easily.

  • Hide Your Scent

Unless you have never gone hunting, you should know that human scent scares away deer and other animals. Therefore, you have to ensure you keep your odor to the minimum when hunting. You can do this by showering with a non-scented soap.

Additionally, you can use a scent-killer to wash your hunting clothes and spray your hunting accessories. You can also pack your accessories with leaves and dirt to eliminate human odor. Finally, try hunting against the wind.

  • Cover Up Your Movement

If you are a hunting expert, you already know the importance of concealing your movement. As much as you try to eliminate your odor, you will also want to ensure you get an easy, precise shot. Getting the shot will not be easy unless you have good positioning.

Using a quad motorbike may not be the best idea because the noise will scare away your prey. Make sure you approach the prey as stealthily and noiselessly as possible.

  • Get Your Gun Ready

Once you have settled on the motorbike, you have to ensure your gun is in the right shooting position. The best way to do it is to ensure the gun is on your left-hand side. You will not have the time to turn the gun from you back when you spot your prey. 

  • Position Your Head Well

This may seem a silly tip, but it is very important. You have to shape your head well when hunting on a motorbike.

When riding for fun, you will face in front. However, when hunting, you have to turn your head around as you try to spot any movements from the bushes. Therefore, your head should be in a position that allows you to turn around freely.

  • Put Off The Gun When Done Hunting

It is okay to shoot and miss, but you will not want your gun on when you are done hunting. Injury situations are rampant when hunting, especially if the gun blows off the motorbike hook. You do not want this situation.

  • Get a Better Transporting System

One of the biggest challenges you will get after hunting is how to get your kill home. You may be limited because of your ability to carry what you kill home. That is why you need an attached compartment on your motorbike to carry more of your hunt. This will also make your hunting more memorable.

  • Get Your Cooking Equipment Ready

Now that you have your kill, how are you going to prepare it? Do you fancy grilling? You should be making large batch of cooking a breeze by investing in the right cookware. The best grill will make your cooking more convenient. You should also buy grill mats that help you improve your grilling and avoid kitchen burn injuries.


Hunting on a motorbike gives the ultimate experience, but you can never be sure of a kill unless you are well equipped for the adventure it brings. Whether you are a beginner or you have been hunting for years, you should always keep up with the latest attire, tips, and tricks if you want to be more successful. You will come back with a good kill if you have the best clothes, an excellent mapping device, and with your gun in the right position.

In case you have problems when hunting on a motorbike, you can choose to incorporate these tips and make your hunting on a motorbike more breeze.

Good luck on your next hunting trip!



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