Must-Have Tools You Need for Bike Repair

As a cyclist, regular upkeep on your equipment is key. Of course, this involves day-to-day tasks such as keeping your bicycle clean. Unfortunately, from time to time, you will have to repair your bike too. When this happens, you’ll need the right tools to get the job done.

It’s crucial to make sure you have these must-have tools for bike repair handy in your toolbox.

Bike Repair Stand

It’s hard to work on a bike properly if you’re trying to work on a bike that’s leaning on a kickstand, you’re going to have a hard time working on the bike. Not to mention, a freestanding bike is easy to accidentally knock over as you work on it.

A good way to avoid these problems is to purchase a bike repair stand to use when you’re working.

Welding Gear

When you’re working on your bike, the work ahead of you might go past inflating tires or cleaning. If you find yourself needing to do some metalwork or weld plastic, you’ll need to have a reliable welding kit handy

A huge consideration to keep in mind here is safety. Cutting corners with welding equipment can lead to potential danger. After all, if you don’t use a high-quality welder, wear a welding helmet, or make sure you’re protecting your hands from the heat, you open yourself up to danger as you work with such high temperatures.

Hex Wrenches

Hex wrenches, also known as Allen wrenches, are small L-shaped tools that are absolutely necessary for tightening small, hard-to-reach items such as bottle cage bolts.

These tools usually come in a set rather than individually. These come in many sizes with a range of sizes per set. These are the most common sizes;

  • 5/32-inch
  • 3/16-inch
  • 1/4-inch

It’s also a good idea to keep these sizes handy as well;

  • 3/32-inch
  • 7/64-inch
  • 1/8-inch
  • 9/64-inch
  • 7/32-inch

Your best bet is to look for a set made of a material like steel. This will ensure that the wrenches won’t break or wear down easily. A hard metal like this also isn’t likely to bend when you’re working on a stubborn bolt.

Combination Wrench Set

Just like you need a hex wrench set, you’ll want to keep a set of combination wrenches handy. These are the tool most people think of when they hear the word “wrench.”

Like hex wrenches, combination wrenches come in a variety of sizes. A quality kit for bike repair will include a range from 7 mm to 17 mm. 

Spoke Wrench

You need a spoke wrench if you want to adjust the tension of the spokes on your bike. Unlike the other wrenches considered so far, you only need a spoke wrench that fits your bike rather than one of each of the four standard sizes.

An important tip to remember is that spokes are threaded from outside of the wheel rather than the inside. This means that when you’re looking down on them, you’ll need to turn them the opposite way that you’re used to – to the left to tighten them, to the right to loosen them.

Needle-Nose Pliers

Wrenches are crucial to have around but from time to time you’ll run into something that’s simply stuck. When you need to give something a little extra encouragement to come loose, you’ll be grateful you have a pair of needle-nose pliers on hand and ready to use.

Chain Cleaner and Lubricant

Cyclists often use a quick ABC Check for safety before they ride out. This includes checking the three main components of your bike;

  1. Air,
  2. Brakes, and;
  3. Chain

When you’re checking your chain, you want to ensure that it moves smoothly without catching or grinding. In other words, you need to keep your bike chain clean and lubricated. This isn’t hard to do if you have cleaner and lubricant handy. You should also keep a couple of clean rags and a chain brush around.

Floor Pump

This is such a basic essential to have in your garage that it almost goes without saying. Just like when you’re driving a car, a flat tire on your bike can stop you in your tracks. If you try to ride on it, you risk damaging your bike not to mention it will be a rough, dangerous ride.

Having a floor pump handy will help you easily handle a situation when you find your tires are a little low on air. Remember, this isn’t a particularly effective fix if your tire is flat due to a puncture or tear. Make sure to carefully look for any source of air loss on your tires before deciding whether or not you need new ones or if a floor pump is an answer you’re looking for. Bike maintenance and repair are tasks that are a part of regular life for cyclists. It will go a long way to make sure that you have all the tools you need to repair common issues so your bike is out of commission for as short of an amount of time as possible.