Why Bicycle Shops Sells Welding Helmet?

Welding is a process used to create either small or huge metal structures. However, when welding safety should be prioritized. Welding helmets were designed for this very purpose of protection. It acts as protective gear when performing certain types of welding. Arc welding especially demands the welding helmets, for protecting the user’s eyes, face, and neck from heat, sparks, ultraviolet rays, and flash burn.

Advantages of using the best welding helmet under $100:

• Eye Safety: Eyes are the first organs that will be affected by the welding process since it emits bright light and sparks. Ultra-violet light and infrared light are the prominent components of the bright light, which causes more damage to eyes retina than one can imagine. Hence the Welding helmets which has a protective eye shield.

• Head safety: The sparks are not only injurious to eyes but can cause burns on the face when the skin comes in contact with the sparkles. Flash
burns, sparks and heat can sun-burn like condition on the face. This can be avoided by choosing the right kind of helmet.

Types of the welding helmet:

• Passive: Passive welding helmets have been in use for an extended period and are used by experienced welders. They have a solid structure and are more durable than the other types. However, they usually come with a drawback – they offer protection mainly to eyes and not the entire head region.

• Auto Darkening: This welding helmets is the most popular. The operator does not have to worry about head protection. They have advanced security features for eyes, where the eye gear automatically darkens based on the amount of light generated during welding. The drawbacks include the costlier spare parts and durability in comparison to passive helmets.

Apart from these two main types, there are fixed lens shade, battery powered, solar powered, variable shade lens helmets which are used according to the needs of the welder. However, the bottom line of whatever type one zero’s on is the same, eye protection.

Welding Helmets in Bicycle shops:

So how does one justify the need for welding helmets in bicycle shops? Steel is among the most preferred frame materials for manufacturing cycles. A steel frame gives the sturdiness to the bicycle and is easily repairable as well. The normal bicycles have steel more than often. When a bicycle’s bar is broken the easiest way to fix it would be to weld it. Hence, the use of welding helmets.

Several people will prefer to do the job on their own, as they love fixing their stuff. So the bicycles shops selling bicycle helmets also have welding helmets in their stocks to cater to the needs of these individuals. It not only adds a happy customer to their list but also adds value to the holistic customer shopping experience.

No matter what you chose, when welding, make safety your first priority.


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