Cyclists Should Exercise Using the Best Rowing Machines


For some, cycling is a day-to-day routine in today’s society, but its potential side effects on our health is not well understood. A recent study conducted in Boston, Massachusetts has shown that a small percentage of cyclists suffer from common cardiovascular and arthritic diseases like the rest of the general population, but with frequency and more severity. These chronic medical conditions are often due to prolonged cycling hours.

Many people think that sitting and pedaling for long periods of time is not stressful, but multiple researches and studies show that actually if this is done for prolonged hours regularly, it is actually stressful to the human body and can jeopardize the cyclist’s safety on the road.

Other health outcomes linked to sitting for prolonged hours include psychological distress and social dysfunction, sexual problems, postural problems such as a rounded-forward posture, overuse injuries to the hip and knees, and leg pain caused by improper form. This could develop into a severe debilitating and serious dysfunction in the future.

What about back pain? Cyclist also suffer from lower back pain due to prolonged sitting as well as due to the stress being carried by the lumbar vertebrae. However, exercising can help reverse these bad side effects, especially when using rowing machines properly.

Rowing machines have been evolving over the past years into polished, elegant pieces of exercise. They are good for cardio and provide an excellent way to keep body fitness. There are many styles and features of rowing machines and before choosing to get one, there are a number of factors to consider:


1. Type of resistance

The types include;

·Water resistance
·Air resistance
·Magnetic resistance
·Hydraulic resistance

Each type of resistance comes with unique benefits and this is where your work out is going to be the most powerful.

2. Adjustability and comfort

The best rowing machines can be adjusted to certain specifications for comfortability, and have foot pads

3. Noise level

Some rowing machines are noisier than others. Silent is not an option for everyone. Some people view the noise as a kind of feedback that they are working hard.

4. Maximum weight

Rowing machines usually hold more weight than other work-out machines. Movement is restricted on their parts to be stressed by users

5. Rower price

Higher-priced rowing machines are efficient for more use and last longer than lower priced ones, which will require frequent maintenance. However, if you are on a budget, there are affordable rowing machines that can be had. Also be on the lookout for second hand units.

6. Row computers

A good rowing machine comes with a row monitor that gives information and feedback such as the distance, calories burnt and time. Be sure to check if your rower can be connected to apps so you can upload your data and easily follow your progress. Inquire from the sports store salesman about this.

Additionally, you need to ensure there is enough storage space for the equipment. This is equally important. Check to see how it stores, does it fold? How easy or difficult is it to assemble?

Rowing has its health benefits. It is a great cardiovascular workout, and it burns
calories which is good for weight loss. This will ensure you remain physically fit for the long rides on the road.

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