Bicycle gun

The mention of a gun raises all body nerves, this is because of its massive destruction when it hits a target. A bicycle gun is no different, it is just a simple bicycle with a holster which you can fit a gun on it. Guns are used sparingly by individuals, for you to own a gun as a civilian, you need to acquire it from a state-accredited institution. A bicycle gun offer convenience when out and you sense danger from wild animals or even your enemies

What you need to know about bicycle guns

Not all guns are designed to fit on a bicycle(ex., the standard size should be 0.32 inches for the revolvers and has no trigger guard. This is a safety measure to ensure, there is accident release of bullets as a result of a mishap in handling the gun when cycling through a rough terrain. The barrel should also be 1 inch. Thats why they sometimes use good quality safes for their guns.

Where do you use a bicycle gun?

Military activities

Militants are the main people who use guns in their military activities. The essence of using a bicycle as a mode of transport, in this case, is to access areas where the vehicles are not able to go through. In as much as the military vehicles are sophisticated, when you move deep into the bush, there are only paths which can be accessed just by a bicycle. Secondly, when attacking the enemy, you should avoid noise. Most of the vehicles are noisy that alerts the enemy of your presence. Use of bicycle guns is a safety measure to ambush the enemy easily. However, it is also risky because you are exposed to danger just in case the enemy overwhelms you.

Personal cycling activity

When you just want to adventure and enjoy nature you may go to unfamiliar places, this is where a bicycle comes in handy just to ensure you are safe from wild animals and enemies. All you need is trigger the barrel and a bullet is out. You may not necessarily aim at the enemy, but you can shoot in the air to scare him. At times, your bicycle level may not be at the same level as the target, you can unmount it as fast as possible to ensure you shoot at it. Remember the process should be very fast before the enemy counter attack. The use of a bicycle gun is a skill that you learn over time because you also need to cycle at the same time. Cycling makes you flee. However, it does not offer you 100 percent guarantee of safety especially when the enemy attacks from behind.

Bush parties

Bush parties are a common adventure to come out of the hassles of city life after a tiresome year. The bush has its inhabitants which are dangerous to human beings. This cannot deter you from enjoying and having fun right inside the bush. Invest in a bicycle gun to help you scare and even kill animals that might pose danger. It is risky but worth the hassle.

Bicycle gun is a short-term investment for your own safety and protection within the home and when out enjoying what nature has to offer.

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