Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories and Gadgets

Riding a motorcycle is one of the easiest and
fastest ways of moving from point A to point B. However, a rider needs a set of
accessories and Gadgets for their safety and at the same time look cool. The
accessories also help in improving the rider’s riding experience and make it
more comfortable. There are a number of accessories and gadgets that come in
handy for a motorcycle rider. They are discussed below alongside their

First of all you need to ensure your head is safe. Hence, a helmet comes in handy. Helmets shield you from suffering traumatic brain injury in case of an accident. The world of helmets has revolutionized and smart helmets have been introduced. Smart helmets are made with advanced technology and have enhanced safety. Check

Secondly, after keeping your head warm and safe, you need a jacket. Obviously to keep you warm. But not only that; leather jackets are highly recommended for motorcycle riders and this is why. Leather has the best abrasion resistance. Not only will it keep you warm during the ride but also will shield you during an accident from getting bruises (in mild accidents). Leather also looks classic. It’s no harm being a cool and classic rider. Enhance your jacket to be an airbag jacket to increase your safety.

After a jacket we move on to your pants then boots. A rider requires armored pants. Armored pants will keep you dry when it’s wet and at the same time keep you cool when it’s hot. They’ll also keep you alive during a crash. Then, your boots they need to be the kind that keep you safe and at the same time comfortable on your feet. Find boots that give you full ankle support and foot support. They should also be weather proof to keep your feet off weather related infections. Also, you need to look awesome in those boots so get boots that look good on you.

It’s also important to have gloves on your hands to keep you warm. The hand gloves not only keep your hands warm but also ensure you have a tight grip on the motorcycle. Most gloves have silicon hands that ensure your grip is tight even when your hands are sweaty. On keeping you warm they have insulation material that makes riding less cold.

Other gear that come in handy for a rider is shoulder and elbow armor, knee armor and back armor. They all protect the respective body parts and keep safe during the ride.

Moving on to gadgets, you need to have reflective motorcycle gear and equipment. These will keep away almost all the possible crashes. This is because the alert other road users of your presence on the road at any given time. Both fellow motorists and also pedestrians. Hence, ensure all your gear or part of it is reflective.

Another gadget you got to have for your motorcycle is a smart brake module. This is a small electronic gadget which detects when a bicycle slows down and switches the break lights on. This detection is made possible by monitoring the downshifting or engine braking. A smart brake module keeps you safe in its own smart way.


The above will really help in making sure you are safe and also look good in them and you’re motorcycle to look good.


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