Different massage for cyclists


Cycling is a hobby and a sport at the same time. Riding on a standard bicycle while traversing different locations are a therapeutic and fun activity. The fun is even better when you are doing it as a competition or as a training exercise. At the end of the cycling session and the fun, you will realize your muscles are very tight and tired, at the same time you are in so much pain. We call this effect a cycling signs and symptoms. How then can you alleviate these symptoms? A great massage from an expert is the best remedy recommended by health experts. The massages are tailored on specific body parts which are mostly utilized during cycling sessions. The main aim of the massage is to ensure the strained muscles are relaxed to their former shape. Here are some of the most advisable massage for cyclists

Swedish massage

Swedish massage works on the entire body system to get rid of lactic acid built up as a result of the intensive cycling activity. A massage takes a kneading movement which squeezes the muscles by stroking body parts for long to release the lactic acid and increase the flow of blood back to the heart, Cycling is an aerobic activity which increases blood flow to the muscles to provide the required energy for cycling. Swedish massage reverses the whole process to ensure the body goes back to normalcy.

Deep tissue massage

Just as the name suggests, this type of massage uses a deep but short stroke on various muscles to remove toxins which always hide in muscles during cycling. The toxins are the main causes of tightening and pain in the muscles. The deep strokes remove tension build up in deep layers of the muscles and tissues which connect them. The overall effect is a supply of fresh blood to the area hence relieving the pain.

Sports massage

This involves the use of hot stones at extreme levels to relieve pain and to ensure the body systems and blood flow is back to normal functioning. It targets specific body parts and areas which are always overworked during cycling mostly the back and the leg muscles. The massage is essential even prior to a cycling session to ensure general body fitness and to reduce the effect of injuries on various body muscles.

Trigger point massage

Trigger points are areas of weakness which are a point of reference for any muscle pain. This type of massage exerts pressure on this points through a deep tissue compression to ensure there is complete removal of toxins on the muscle hence improving blood flow and eventually alleviating pain.

Myofascial release massage

This massage works on connecting tissues responsible for the structure, coordination, and support of the upper and lower body. During cycling, the connecting tissues are more utilized and they tend to get fatigued. The massage moves deeper to the tissue to straighten and remove tensions and adhesions on the specific body part. Use of lotions reduces friction to ensure the cyclists are comfortable during the massage.

Massage sessions before cycling prepare the body for an upcoming strain while after the sessions ensures the flow of blood in the body returns to normalcy.

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