Is Coffee Good for Cyclists?

Is Caffeine good for cyclists? Definitely! Forget the anabolic steroids or Creatine, the new cycling performance-enhancing drug can now be simply found in a cup of coffee, Caffeine. Not all might know but there is a significant relation between cycling and coffee.


There are many ways cyclist use coffee/Caffeine to improve their performance in cycling. Some say that a double espresso before beginning a cycling race will enhance your performance. There are other cyclists who will not eat anything other than a cup of coffee.

Do Caffeine have a positive effect to a cyclist’s performance?

Again, yes. As soon as you drink your coffee, it will stimulate you mentally. After a while, it will do the same to you physically. A cyclist can feel more intelligent and a little bit stronger. There were researches that showed caffeine can also enhance muscle contraction of an athlete. If you are getting a toprated espresso machine visit the page and choose which one is the perfect fit for your lifestyle!

Caffeine causes an effect called as glycogen sparing. It is the storage molecule intended for carbohydrates in our body. When we workout, we exhaust it. And if we don’t replace it soon, our body will have to consume more carbohydrates.

However, by consuming caffeine, cyclists can stimulate their body’s capacity to break down body fat, instead of glycogen. This makes glycogen more available for a longer period of time compared to those who didn’t consume caffeine.

There are different stages in a cycling race. In the final one, the cyclists who took caffeine prior to the race you will still have sugar from the carbohydrates kept in the liver and muscles which are reserved to be used at this very moment. Therefore, you won’t feel tired in the final stage. But instead, you’ll still have energy to pump out some leg effort.

When is the best time for a cyclist to drink coffee?

The idea of caffeine and cycling has been around for a long time. However, no one can really agree to exactly when you should consume coffee. Is it right before the race? Is it the night before the race?

Most cyclists agree that they should drink coffee 2 hours before a cyclist event or race to be able to fully benefit from it. People might think that it’s such a long gap, since most of us can feel the effect right after drinking the coffee. However, the second effect which is after two hours is the one that you should be looking for. This is when caffeine substances are already broken down into different parts of our body.

How much coffee should a cyclist drink?

Several studies suggest that cyclists should drink 3-9 cups of coffee to fully benefit from it. A lot of you would say that it’s too much, we think the same. However, because of exhausting amount of energy you will be sweating as a cyclist, this range is fairly enough. If you don’t own a coffee maker yet visit accredited sites first and have the top commercial espresso machines reviewed.

If it is your first time trying this technique to enhance your performance, you should experiment this through an extensive training session. You can start with a cup of coffee, gradually increasing the number after a few sessions. If you feel negative effects, such as being nauseous, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean it’s not working. Your body is just taking it in a different way.


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Why Bicycle Shops Sells Welding Helmet?

Welding is a process used to create either small or huge metal structures. However, when welding safety should be prioritized. Welding helmets were designed for this very purpose of protection. It acts as protective gear when performing certain types of welding. Arc welding especially demands the welding helmets, for protecting the user’s eyes, face, and neck from heat, sparks, ultraviolet rays, and flash burn.

Advantages of using the best welding helmet under $100:

• Eye Safety: Eyes are the first organs that will be affected by the welding process since it emits bright light and sparks. Ultra-violet light and infrared light are the prominent components of the bright light, which causes more damage to eyes retina than one can imagine. Hence the Welding helmets which has a protective eye shield.

• Head safety: The sparks are not only injurious to eyes but can cause burns on the face when the skin comes in contact with the sparkles. Flash
burns, sparks and heat can sun-burn like condition on the face. This can be avoided by choosing the right kind of helmet.

Types of the welding helmet:

• Passive: Passive welding helmets have been in use for an extended period and are used by experienced welders. They have a solid structure and are more durable than the other types. However, they usually come with a drawback – they offer protection mainly to eyes and not the entire head region.

• Auto Darkening: This welding helmets is the most popular. The operator does not have to worry about head protection. They have advanced security features for eyes, where the eye gear automatically darkens based on the amount of light generated during welding. The drawbacks include the costlier spare parts and durability in comparison to passive helmets.

Apart from these two main types, there are fixed lens shade, battery powered, solar powered, variable shade lens helmets which are used according to the needs of the welder. However, the bottom line of whatever type one zero’s on is the same, eye protection.

Welding Helmets in Bicycle shops:

So how does one justify the need for welding helmets in bicycle shops? Steel is among the most preferred frame materials for manufacturing cycles. A steel frame gives the sturdiness to the bicycle and is easily repairable as well. The normal bicycles have steel more than often. When a bicycle’s bar is broken the easiest way to fix it would be to weld it. Hence, the use of welding helmets.

Several people will prefer to do the job on their own, as they love fixing their stuff. So the bicycles shops selling bicycle helmets also have welding helmets in their stocks to cater to the needs of these individuals. It not only adds a happy customer to their list but also adds value to the holistic customer shopping experience.

No matter what you chose, when welding, make safety your first priority.

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Cyclists Should Exercise Using the Best Rowing Machines


For some, cycling is a day-to-day routine in today’s society, but its potential side effects on our health is not well understood. A recent study conducted in Boston, Massachusetts has shown that a small percentage of cyclists suffer from common cardiovascular and arthritic diseases like the rest of the general population, but with frequency and more severity. These chronic medical conditions are often due to prolonged cycling hours.

Many people think that sitting and pedaling for long periods of time is not stressful, but multiple researches and studies show that actually if this is done for prolonged hours regularly, it is actually stressful to the human body and can jeopardize the cyclist’s safety on the road.

Other health outcomes linked to sitting for prolonged hours include psychological distress and social dysfunction, sexual problems, postural problems such as a rounded-forward posture, overuse injuries to the hip and knees, and leg pain caused by improper form. This could develop into a severe debilitating and serious dysfunction in the future.

What about back pain? Cyclist also suffer from lower back pain due to prolonged sitting as well as due to the stress being carried by the lumbar vertebrae. However, exercising can help reverse these bad side effects, especially when using rowing machines properly.

Rowing machines have been evolving over the past years into polished, elegant pieces of exercise. They are good for cardio and provide an excellent way to keep body fitness. There are many styles and features of rowing machines and before choosing to get one, there are a number of factors to consider:


1. Type of resistance

The types include;

·Water resistance
·Air resistance
·Magnetic resistance
·Hydraulic resistance

Each type of resistance comes with unique benefits and this is where your work out is going to be the most powerful.

2. Adjustability and comfort

The best rowing machines can be adjusted to certain specifications for comfortability, and have foot pads

3. Noise level

Some rowing machines are noisier than others. Silent is not an option for everyone. Some people view the noise as a kind of feedback that they are working hard.

4. Maximum weight

Rowing machines usually hold more weight than other work-out machines. Movement is restricted on their parts to be stressed by users

5. Rower price

Higher-priced rowing machines are efficient for more use and last longer than lower priced ones, which will require frequent maintenance. However, if you are on a budget, there are affordable rowing machines that can be had. Also be on the lookout for second hand units.

6. Row computers

A good rowing machine comes with a row monitor that gives information and feedback such as the distance, calories burnt and time. Be sure to check if your rower can be connected to apps so you can upload your data and easily follow your progress. Inquire from the sports store salesman about this.

Additionally, you need to ensure there is enough storage space for the equipment. This is equally important. Check to see how it stores, does it fold? How easy or difficult is it to assemble?

Rowing has its health benefits. It is a great cardiovascular workout, and it burns
calories which is good for weight loss. This will ensure you remain physically fit for the long rides on the road.

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Importance of Cleaning Your Bicycles Using Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are highly efficient cleaning equipment because they use water and high pressure. Water is pushed mainly at high speeds to penetrate the dirt deep down the surface of the device you are cleaning. Using a professional spray gun to wash will not only allow you to clean your bicycle more efficiently but also you will be able to do in less time as well.

Below are some detailed Benefits of using a pressure washer on your bicycles:

Save on water: High-pressure cleaning reduces the amount of water required for cleaning your cycling. During manual cleaning, a lot of water is needed to absorb the dirt and facilitate the disassembly process. More rain is also required to wash the dirt away. Thus there is a high-level water wastage. But when pressure cleaning water produced by a pressure cleaner is thrown with great force and removes the soil quickly, hence the volume of water used is reduced.

Get the best results: The mud and dirt layers that cling to the mudguards and wheels cannot be washed cannot be washed away with just a standard stream of water coming from a hose. To be able to remove such hardened clay and firm dirt, the pressure washing will be the only rational solution. The high-pressure water stream will be able to get rid of the hard and sandy deposits in the soil. This not only helps to make your bike cleaner clean, but spot cleaning will also help reduce dirt buildup the next time you take your bike out for movement.

Save time: High-pressure cleaning reduces the amount of time it takes to clean because it is easy to remove dirt using this pressure washer. Adjustable or changeable pressure cleaning nozzles can be used to change the water jet to a point or to cover a wider area. According to specific cleaning requirements, cleaning can be made effective and fast in this way. Because pressure cleaning and washing is done in a single sweep, many lanes can be avoided across the same area.

Using pressure washers to clean your bike reduces the chances of damaging paint from your bike. This is because pressure cleaning involves minimal washing on the surface. They also reduce the paint swirls.

Save on detergents and cleaning materials: In most cases, there is no need to use soap or other cleaning chemicals with a high-pressure cleaner. Even oil and thick mad beneath your mudguard can be removed with just the force of the pressure cleaning unit. Compact water can break the chemical bonds between the surface and the spot(stain) to some extent.

High-pressure cleaning is a highly effective and economical method of cleaning that is environmentally friendly. Water is not wasted, and chemical use is significantly reduced. With pressure cleaning, the voltage level can be considerably reduced. These cleaners are easy to operate and not difficult to handle. Because these devices are mobile, they can be used outdoors easily. Also, it is not a difficult task to learn how this machine works.

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Best Ways to Clean Bicycle

In case you find yourself in a real surf after a wet trip, you can basically water your drive train with a lubricant that removes water using water softeners to clean the water in your chain and maintain a key separation of consumption before a full wash.

1. Clean the chain
Use a chain cleaning degreaser near the degreaser to remove dirt, mud, and oil from the chain. If you do not have a chain cleaning tool, the degreaser in the air and a brush will work with a touch of extra effort.
In case there is a lot of soft dirt on the belt and move the wheels, use degreaser and clean them before continuing.

2. Clean the plates (in case you have them)
If you have circular brakes, now is a good time to sprinkle some degreaser on paper towels and give them a cloth to expel the transmission oil.

3. Wet your bicycle and shower in a bicycle wash
Wet the bicycle with a hose or bowl and clean. In the event that you are using a weight washer, be sure to stay well back to continue without devasting your course. Give the complete cast to the bicycle and give up the seat as shown by the titles of the producer.

4. Brush it down
Start at the top of your bike and break any remaining dirt from the bike with brushes. Pay careful attention to moving parts, for example, rigging and braking.

5. Clean everything
Wash the bike with fresh water, then check to make sure you have removed all the dirt from the bike, brushing it again before washing it, when it is basic.

6. Improve your bike
Use a cowhide chamois to spill excess water and then fill the edge of the bike with a PTFE shower or clean silicone bike, making sure to avoid braking surfaces such as the edges and brake rotors of the bike. license plate. Buff your bike with a paper towel or sensitive texture. In the same way, it will help to foresee the accumulation of mud when you go out riding.

7. Lubricate the chain
Finally, lubricate the chain by holding the compartment and pouring tirelessly on the chain while rotating the pedals backward. Clean any excess and sprinkle any steel fragment with PTFE lubricant, removing the braking surfaces again.

Here are a couple of stages that can help you choose the right water softeners for your home:
1. Find the amount of water your family uses. The typical American meeting of 4 or 5 uses around 400 to 500 gallons per day.
2. Research about the product to buy. There are 2 central types of domestic water softeners to read carefully. A type of structure reduces water at a specific time of the day, constantly and automatically. This brand also has a watch that you choose when the water is starting now it softens and kills the unit correctly.
3. Another factor to investigate when pursuing a softener structure is the ease of cleaning. Sometimes, you must clean your water softening structure to prevent salt particles from getting their water supply and stop the development of your dishes and water establishments. Example, if you have a deep well in your backyard you might have opted to buy the best water softener for well water.
4. Before paying for a softening structure, ensure that the unit has available parts and a concentrated organization nearby. It can be a problem if the long-term unit isolates and cannot find spare parts for it or cannot find someone who can solve it.

Another extraordinary tip is to check online summaries of the different brands and associations that provide water softeners to homes and home organization. These associations can also urge you on which unit is most suitable for your family and your needs.

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Bicycle gun

The mention of a gun raises all body nerves, this is because of its massive destruction when it hits a target. A bicycle gun is no different, it is just a simple bicycle with a holster which you can fit a gun on it. Guns are used sparingly by individuals, for you to own a gun as a civilian, you need to acquire it from a state-accredited institution. A bicycle gun offer convenience when out and you sense danger from wild animals or even your enemies

What you need to know about bicycle guns

Not all guns are designed to fit on a bicycle(ex., the standard size should be 0.32 inches for the revolvers and has no trigger guard. This is a safety measure to ensure, there is accident release of bullets as a result of a mishap in handling the gun when cycling through a rough terrain. The barrel should also be 1 inch. Thats why they sometimes use good quality safes for their guns.

Where do you use a bicycle gun?

Military activities

Militants are the main people who use guns in their military activities. The essence of using a bicycle as a mode of transport, in this case, is to access areas where the vehicles are not able to go through. In as much as the military vehicles are sophisticated, when you move deep into the bush, there are only paths which can be accessed just by a bicycle. Secondly, when attacking the enemy, you should avoid noise. Most of the vehicles are noisy that alerts the enemy of your presence. Use of bicycle guns is a safety measure to ambush the enemy easily. However, it is also risky because you are exposed to danger just in case the enemy overwhelms you.

Personal cycling activity

When you just want to adventure and enjoy nature you may go to unfamiliar places, this is where a bicycle comes in handy just to ensure you are safe from wild animals and enemies. All you need is trigger the barrel and a bullet is out. You may not necessarily aim at the enemy, but you can shoot in the air to scare him. At times, your bicycle level may not be at the same level as the target, you can unmount it as fast as possible to ensure you shoot at it. Remember the process should be very fast before the enemy counter attack. The use of a bicycle gun is a skill that you learn over time because you also need to cycle at the same time. Cycling makes you flee. However, it does not offer you 100 percent guarantee of safety especially when the enemy attacks from behind.

Bush parties

Bush parties are a common adventure to come out of the hassles of city life after a tiresome year. The bush has its inhabitants which are dangerous to human beings. This cannot deter you from enjoying and having fun right inside the bush. Invest in a bicycle gun to help you scare and even kill animals that might pose danger. It is risky but worth the hassle.

Bicycle gun is a short-term investment for your own safety and protection within the home and when out enjoying what nature has to offer.

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Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories and Gadgets

Riding a motorcycle is one of the easiest and
fastest ways of moving from point A to point B. However, a rider needs a set of
accessories and Gadgets for their safety and at the same time look cool. The
accessories also help in improving the rider’s riding experience and make it
more comfortable. There are a number of accessories and gadgets that come in
handy for a motorcycle rider. They are discussed below alongside their

First of all you need to ensure your head is safe. Hence, a helmet comes in handy. Helmets shield you from suffering traumatic brain injury in case of an accident. The world of helmets has revolutionized and smart helmets have been introduced. Smart helmets are made with advanced technology and have enhanced safety. Check

Secondly, after keeping your head warm and safe, you need a jacket. Obviously to keep you warm. But not only that; leather jackets are highly recommended for motorcycle riders and this is why. Leather has the best abrasion resistance. Not only will it keep you warm during the ride but also will shield you during an accident from getting bruises (in mild accidents). Leather also looks classic. It’s no harm being a cool and classic rider. Enhance your jacket to be an airbag jacket to increase your safety.

After a jacket we move on to your pants then boots. A rider requires armored pants. Armored pants will keep you dry when it’s wet and at the same time keep you cool when it’s hot. They’ll also keep you alive during a crash. Then, your boots they need to be the kind that keep you safe and at the same time comfortable on your feet. Find boots that give you full ankle support and foot support. They should also be weather proof to keep your feet off weather related infections. Also, you need to look awesome in those boots so get boots that look good on you.

It’s also important to have gloves on your hands to keep you warm. The hand gloves not only keep your hands warm but also ensure you have a tight grip on the motorcycle. Most gloves have silicon hands that ensure your grip is tight even when your hands are sweaty. On keeping you warm they have insulation material that makes riding less cold.

Other gear that come in handy for a rider is shoulder and elbow armor, knee armor and back armor. They all protect the respective body parts and keep safe during the ride.

Moving on to gadgets, you need to have reflective motorcycle gear and equipment. These will keep away almost all the possible crashes. This is because the alert other road users of your presence on the road at any given time. Both fellow motorists and also pedestrians. Hence, ensure all your gear or part of it is reflective.

Another gadget you got to have for your motorcycle is a smart brake module. This is a small electronic gadget which detects when a bicycle slows down and switches the break lights on. This detection is made possible by monitoring the downshifting or engine braking. A smart brake module keeps you safe in its own smart way.


The above will really help in making sure you are safe and also look good in them and you’re motorcycle to look good.

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Different massage for cyclists


Cycling is a hobby and a sport at the same time. Riding on a standard bicycle while traversing different locations are a therapeutic and fun activity. The fun is even better when you are doing it as a competition or as a training exercise. At the end of the cycling session and the fun, you will realize your muscles are very tight and tired, at the same time you are in so much pain. We call this effect a cycling signs and symptoms. How then can you alleviate these symptoms? A great massage from an expert is the best remedy recommended by health experts. The massages are tailored on specific body parts which are mostly utilized during cycling sessions. The main aim of the massage is to ensure the strained muscles are relaxed to their former shape. Here are some of the most advisable massage for cyclists

Swedish massage

Swedish massage works on the entire body system to get rid of lactic acid built up as a result of the intensive cycling activity. A massage takes a kneading movement which squeezes the muscles by stroking body parts for long to release the lactic acid and increase the flow of blood back to the heart, Cycling is an aerobic activity which increases blood flow to the muscles to provide the required energy for cycling. Swedish massage reverses the whole process to ensure the body goes back to normalcy.

Deep tissue massage

Just as the name suggests, this type of massage uses a deep but short stroke on various muscles to remove toxins which always hide in muscles during cycling. The toxins are the main causes of tightening and pain in the muscles. The deep strokes remove tension build up in deep layers of the muscles and tissues which connect them. The overall effect is a supply of fresh blood to the area hence relieving the pain.

Sports massage

This involves the use of hot stones at extreme levels to relieve pain and to ensure the body systems and blood flow is back to normal functioning. It targets specific body parts and areas which are always overworked during cycling mostly the back and the leg muscles. The massage is essential even prior to a cycling session to ensure general body fitness and to reduce the effect of injuries on various body muscles.

Trigger point massage

Trigger points are areas of weakness which are a point of reference for any muscle pain. This type of massage exerts pressure on this points through a deep tissue compression to ensure there is complete removal of toxins on the muscle hence improving blood flow and eventually alleviating pain.

Myofascial release massage

This massage works on connecting tissues responsible for the structure, coordination, and support of the upper and lower body. During cycling, the connecting tissues are more utilized and they tend to get fatigued. The massage moves deeper to the tissue to straighten and remove tensions and adhesions on the specific body part. Use of lotions reduces friction to ensure the cyclists are comfortable during the massage.

Massage sessions before cycling prepare the body for an upcoming strain while after the sessions ensures the flow of blood in the body returns to normalcy.

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Physical or Online Store Shops for Camera and Bicycles

Whether you opt for a second-hand store shop or a brand new store to purchase your camera and bicycles, bottom line you purchase a tool which will serve the purpose. You can get a good second-hand canon camera, bicycle and an iON Air Pro at an affordable cost. It is better than opting for a new one which is of poor quality and less durable.


Store shops are specific on the goods they stock, although some opt to have all electronic but for canon and for bicycles. The manufacturer has distributors all over the world to ensure their products are available for their customers. In any event, you will realize sixty percent of the photographers are using canon. This is because the manufacturer has been consistent in the production of cameras that produce quality images and videos. You can use your camera when riding a bicycle, it is a good thing to do.

The developer takes his time to research the market and produce cameras, which meet the needs of the customers. The modern canon series have an inbuilt WI-FI function to accommodate the use of the internet for social media tools which is the trend among its users. T5i is a canon brand with a suitable sensor for full frame images with a fast image processing function. Click here for T5i reviews.

iON Air Pro 3 is a powerful action camera with a video option and a point and shoot feature. Its massive use shows its great performance. In addition, it has valued added functions like WI-FI connection although it comes with its challenges; it shortens the lifespan of the camera. To have a longer battery life when the camera is charged limit the use of the WI-FI function.

iON Air Pro is a renowned brand designed with a modern digital solution to accommodate the current use of trendy accessibility features. Gone are the days when you had to charge only on an electricity main switch, you can charge even when you are out there for a road trip. In specific

iON Air Pro 3 is a must-have electronic gadget to capture all events and functions as they take place.


Bicycles, on the other hand, are tools which define most homes from the children to the bicycle. The main reason is modernity and busy work life leaves no time for physical exercise since most of the functions are done at the comfort of one’s home. Be its payment of bills, communication toolkits, and integration of marketing automation tools.

When out riding your bicycle and enjoying the breeze of nature you can mount your iON Air Pro 3 camera and still take a video of the outdoor activity. At the same time, the camera has a high-performance functionality that can capture the adventurous vegetation and the horizon. Taking the picture of a bird in the sky with its sensitivity requires a high-level camera. iON Air Pro has proved to be efficient.

Online reviews and websites of the various stores provide the right information and comprehensive details of the payment methods, physical addresses, and shipping costs for your own personal choice on the best store to buy your camera and a bicycle.

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How Cycling Makes You Smarter and Happier?

Whether you’re from the market picking up some vegetables and fruits, or going home from a tiring day in school, cycling is obviously one of the many ways to exercise. But aside from a method of getting fit, it is also a great way to be smarter and happy. How does it make you happy and smarter?

It Gives You a Peace of Mind

Alderman conducted a 2-year large research to look at the association of meditation and aerobic workout. The people involved in the study were asked to do some combinations of meditations and exercises. They cycled using a stationary bike, then get involved in a short meditation session. The research team then examined their mental state. Within just 8 weeks, they were able to find see a change in their patients’ mental wellbeing, from clinical depression to nonclinical depression.

It Enhances Your Mental Ability

Every time you go out to cycle, especially alone, there are a lot of things that goes inside your head, consciously and unconsciously. This brain activity while cycling is a great way to keep your brain healthy. But how does it make you intelligible? While you’re cycling, you’re using your brain in different ways. While using it to keep your legs from cycling, you’re also using your brain to decide where to go or how fast to cycle.

Amongst the exhilarating qualities of several sports is the…

One of the exciting attributes of many sports is the sensation-seeking opportunities they afford. Research shows that physical activity is viewed as a way to achieve our need to be excited, lively and adventurous. Risk and opportunities for a ‘thrill’ can be part of every ride – and the buzz of a fast descent, the rush of a bunch sprint, or the challenge of an off-road track or rock-garden can give us a grin that lasts for days.

Cycling Makes More Kind and Pleasant Towards Others

Whether you’re just taking a stroll downtown or bike through the trails with a friend or group of buddies, cycling makes your social life more active. A latest research concluded that sports involving groups or teams can provide a better general mental health and less stress to the people who joined.

One of the most significant qualities of a healthy brain is having a social life. It is a must to socialize with other people. Most people who get depressed lock themselves in their house and not doing anything. This greatly affects your self-confidence and self-respect. If you work out, you go out of your house and get a great opportunity to socialize with other people.

It is a Natural Anti-Depressant

You don’t have to kill your body by taking anti-depressants that will probably not work, and instead will just worsen your depression. In fact, a study was able to show that exercise, including cycling results to almost similar neurophysiological changes as clinical antidepressants. If you really want to fight off your depression, better start committing to physical activities, including cycling.


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